Artists as Collectors

February 6 – April 4, 2020


Saturday, February 8, 4 – 7PM          

The pleasure of collecting is an activity that crosses social and economic divisions. Many people like to collect things as a form of inspiration, entertainment, and/or personal expression. Artists as Collectors seeks to illuminate the unique perspective that contemporary artists bring to the pursuit of collecting. The selected works featured in this exhibition range from small to expansive—from collections that comprise the artwork, to collections without a direct connection to the artist’s work. Perhaps artists are the most astute art collectors out there.

This exhibition is comprised of selected works from a small sample of artists/collectors and features work by Ali Acerol, Katy Crowe, Tony DeLap, Anthony Friedkin, Charles Christopher Hill, Jay McCafferty, and Lari Pittman, among notable others.

For additional information, please call 310-732-2150 or 310-600-4873.

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