14: FEATURING . . .

Paintings by

Craig Keith Antrim, Philippa Blair,

Katy Crowe, Nate Jones, Ron Linden,

Lida Lowery, William Mahan,

Jay McCafferty, Peggy Reavey,

Yong Sin, Gary Szymanski,

Maggie Tennesen, Marie Thibeault,

& Ted Twine


TransVagrant and Warschaw Gallery are pleased to present 14: An Exhibtion of Paintings by Southern California Artists.

Falling in and out of critical favor for more than three decades, and flying in the face of postmodernist rejections of spontaneity, directness of expression and transcendent ambition, painting remains compatible with a stunning multiplicity of styles and aesthetics. Painting has not simply survived but continues to thrive in an era dominated by spectacle, fragmentation, and aesthetic indifference.